Barman Equipment

Barbera Coffee provides a wide range of professional equipment to let your business increase.

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Branded Espresso Machine
Branded Espresso Machine

Semiautomatic 220V two/three group espresso machine, in our stylish brand pattern, for professional use. Suitable for a maximum of 3kg of coffee per day. Also available in a fully automatic version. A 120V version is available on request.

macchina caffè custom
Custom Lux

An exclusive customized traditional coffee maker in a unique and stylish design.

Auto or Manual Grinder

Professional grinder available with either smooth or conical blades.

Aromagic Frozen Branded Slush Machine

Professional powder coffee for an instant cold coffee. A delicious treat, and a great way to beat the heat.

Control quality Kit

Professional quality control kit to guarantee a perfect espresso. This essential set contains: a manometer, a digital thermometer, a blind filter, an electronic
weight machine, a 7g measure scoop, a total hardness test, and other useful tools.


A manual resin depurator ideal for two group (8l / 270 oz) or three group (12l / 405 oz) espresso machines.

Barbera 1870 tamper

Branded Barbera Tamper with black handle and and flat bottom dia 58

Tamper Maghetto
Tamper Maghetto

Branded Barbera Tamper with black handle and and flat bottom dia 58

Jessica pod 2cav

New professional espresso coffee machine for pods available with one or two groups option.

Milk Pot

Steel milk pot for preparing quality foam for cappuccinos and other coffee drinks.

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