Complementary products

Barbera Coffee offers high quality complementary products.

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Aromagic Frozen -

Professional powder coffee for a delicious instant cold coffee.

Baci Barbera
Baci Barbera

Barbera offers the keenest coffee lovers the goodness they seek most; Baci Barbera are delicious chocolate nougats aromatically flavored with our special choice blend of the true spirit of coffee.


The fusion between chocolate’s soft sweetness and coffee’s strong aroma is perfectly revealed in shape and flavor by Choc-Go chocolates, “energizing and inspiring” by giving the needed vigour. Choc-Go chocolates are the result of a passionate idea that contains the tradition of Italian excellence.


Chocolate dipped coffee beans (cont. minimum of 56% of pure cocoa), color additive free and preservatives free. Single packaging for each chocolate dipped grain. Available in bags of 1 kg (about 760 pieces)

Old sailor coffee -

The sailors of the Adriatic sea have a special way of taking a break to relax and deal with the cold in the winter. We are talking about the “Sailor’s coffee” (“Caffè del Marinaio”), an alcoholic drink which was born on the fishing boats. How is the “Caffè del Marinaio” made? First, you have to make coffee in a moka pot. Then add some alcoholic drink such as rum and anise flavoured spirits. Long time ago, it wasn’t easy to find rum in Italy, but the sailors who went around the world were never without it. For This spirit we have chosen our finest coffee blend Mago, Barbera’s superb blend composed by 7 different coffee origins. But, how to drink it? You could enjoy it ice-cold: so, you will feel the distinctive anice note on the palate.

sugar web
White Sugar

Highly soluble sugar for professional use packed in branded sachets.
Each sachet contains about 5 grams of sugar.

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