What is the difference between coffee pods and coffee capsules?

What is the difference between coffee pods and coffee capsules?

Every coffee machine owner, knows for sure that there are two different types of them: for pods and for capsules. But what is the difference? Is there a real difference? Is one better than the other?
Don’t worry, this is a question that makes perfectly sense. Let’s see how to explain it once and for all!

How are the pods and the capsules made?

Pods and capsules are single-portion dosages of coffee. They generally contain 7 grams of coffee powder enclosed in a cover, that gives the popular shape to this object.

What are the differences between the two?

Pods are made with a material similar to the tea bags, containing coffee powder.
The Caffè Barbera pods, that you can also buy online, keep exactly the taste of the blend made with selected and carefully ground beans. The tradition of the classic coffee taste is combined with the practicality of the pods, guaranteeing the genuineness of the coffee same as the one you have at the bar.
Capsules , on the other hand, have a protective casing made with plastic or aluminum and they can be of various sizes. This make it crucial to check always the compatibility with the coffee machine before buying capsules.
Capsules are a commodity that also becomes a Premium quality break with Barbera. Buying coffee capsules does not mean to give up the quality of your espresso. In fact Barbera uses the same premium artisan coffee used for its precious blends, to produce the coffee capsules.

You can buy Barbera coffee capsules for many coffee machines: Nespresso compatible capsules and capsules for the FAP system, in all the best mixes!

So… Pods or capsules?

In short… it’s up to you!

Even if we recommend pods, as they have a higher quantity of coffee (7g against the 5g of the capsules) and therefore they have a more full-bodied aroma. In addition pods are more ecological and easily disposable


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