The benefits from coffee: mood and health

The benefits from coffee: mood and health.

Drinking coffee brings numerous benefits and acts on different spheres of our life such as mood, health and well-being in general. What are the benefits from our favorite drink? Are there any contraindications? Let’s find it out together.

Coffee is an antidepressant

The Harvard School of Public Health has carried out a research on the connections between coffee and good humor. As a result, those who drink coffee are in fact less at risk of depressive pathologies. This is possible thanks to the positive effects on the nervous system brought by drinking coffee. In fact, caffeine stimulates the production of serotonin, noradrenalin and dopamine in our brain.
The study in subjects of different ages and sex consisted in monitoring their brain activity and ended by giving questionnaires on mood and sensations.
It was established that the ideal number of cups of coffee per day is 2 or 3 (about 400 mg of caffeine). So you should never exaggerate doses. Overdoing with quantities will not give any kind of benefit. The advice is obviously to consult a specialist in case of depression.
Certainly we can say that, among the benefits of coffee, we find a strong correlation between drinking it and good humour. A good cup of coffee helps you to turn on a bad day!

Coffee is rich in antioxidants.

A research carried out in 2005 shows that coffee is very rich in antioxidants, which are fundamental elements to cope with the impact of ageing. Coffee contains antioxidants which are absorbed by our body more easily than those contained in other foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Coffee and Liver.

Coffee is good for your liver. The evidence of is given by a research carried out on 125 thousand people. The result of the research is that those who drink coffee regularly face a 20% lower risk to get liver cirrhosis (the typical pathology of people addicted to alcohol).

Coffee and Parkinson’s disease.

A research conducted by Dr. Ronald Postuma in 2012, shows that one of the most relevant benefits from drinking coffee is a strong aid to control spasms and involuntary movements of those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

Coffee and Brain.

Coffee has also very positive effects on your brain. It improves intelligence and reduces the risk of terrible diseases like Alzheimer’s. Researchers at the University of South Florida and the University of Miami discovered that people over 65 with high levels of caffeine in their blood, develop Alzheimer’s disease a few years later than those who do not drink coffee. Obviously coffee does not represent a guaranteed solution for preventing this disease. Anyway researchers are strongly convinced that drinking coffee can appreciably reduce the risk of getting sick of Alzheimer’s disease. Furthermore, caffeine improves concentration and attention, guaranteeing more efficient performance to our brain

In conclusion.

We have reported only some benefits from drinking coffee in this article. Obviously we are not saying that it is a miracle cure or a medicine. For sure our favorite drink brings significant beneficial effects and helps our body during the daily round.

The benefits from coffee: mood and health.