Coffee culture

1Since 1870  
It is not enough simply to create a winning and distinctive harmony of taste and aroma,
Barbera’s secret is in 145 years of experience and It is in a family which always
believed in quality and tradition.

2At the plant
Barbera Coffee Co. selects its coffee beans directly from its producers to optimise
the quality of its blends, 7 high-quality coffee beans are carefully selected from
the finest plantations of Brazil, Central America and Indonesia.
Each kind of coffee bean is chosen to be part of a dedicated process of roasting.

3The art of roasting
The attention that Barbera Coffee pays to roasting the beans is essential in the making
of a such a delicate product Barbera puts all its experience gained in
its antique trade, so that the precious beans keep their flavour intact.

5The precious blends
The different types of beans are blended wisely the way only Barbera Knows how, constituting
Barbera’s secret to personalize its products. The proven procedures used by Barbera
contributes to exalting the level of freshness and palatability that
espresso lovers can fully appreciate.

chiccoContribution to the coffee industry
As a recognized expert in coffee science, C.E. Barbera published a definitive book on coffee roasting, From the Bean to the Consumer.
His research was published in English food science journals. C.E. Barbera also published articles, such as
Gas-Volumetric Method for the Determination of the Internal Non-Odorous Atmosphere of Coffee Beans and Identification of Cystine,
Methionine and Proline in Raw and Roasted Coffee
in peer reviewed journals. In 1994, Enrico Barbera spoke, as one of the keynote speakers

at Costa Rica’s Sintercafé VIII, on overcoming summer decline in sales, in recognition of Barbera Caffé Company’s success, beginning
in the 1960s, at developing summer-focused coffee blends.